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What is stomach balloon surgery? How is it applied?

The procedure is done by endoscopy under light anesthesia, so there is no pain or pain. In this method, a hollow balloon is inserted into the stomach using an endoscopic instrument. The patient may get up and go home the same day. Then the balloon is inflated and a fullness is created in the patient’s mids, and a feeling of fullness is provided. There are different types of stomach balloons. It is inflated with air, inflated with liquid, can stay for six months, like balloons that can stay a year. It is necessary to talk with the patient and decide which balloon will be applied. Because the balloon is covered, the food intake is reduced by providing early birth. It is a very safe method in experienced hands. However, an important difference from other methods is that the balloon is removed after a certain period (6 months) and the results are not permanent. Once the balloon has been removed, the person can gain weight again if they do not adopt an appropriate diet or exercise program. Being a method without surgery is not an alternative to surgery. However, it can also be used to reduce the risk of surgery by giving a few pounds before surgery in very overweight patients. Orthopedic surgery will be different again, but in patients who can not be operated due to weight, it can be used before surgery and gain weight.

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