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Awards and patents that Op. Dr. Cemal Kara is entitled to.

His invention will be a scholarship to the students.

The patent for the invention of a ‘disintegrator’, a project of making a tool that facilitates surgical operations, is presented in Op. Dr. Sultan Esin, Op. Dr. Cemal Kara, Op. Dr. Erdal Aktan, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Aykut Soyder, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Eyup Murat Yilmaz and the University of Izmir Faculty of Medicine, who donated to the University of Gaziantep University Professor. Dr. Ali Dogan Bozdag said: “Our meeting has won silver medals in the International Invention Exhibition held in Istanbul in the past days and we were very glad. This unique device in the world will serve the science of surgery. The next stage is the production and export of the instrument. In this regard, it will be possible to contribute to the Turkish economy. Today, ‘Disintegrator’ was donated to Gaziantep University. Our share of our meeting will be given to Gaziantep University Medical Faculty students as scholarship. In addition, the invention is disclosed in Op. Dr. The income from the patent of the Laparoscopic Torso Stone Collection Pendant belonging to Cemal Kara and donated to Gaziantep University will also be given as a scholarship to the students.”

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